Frequently Asked Questions

Most cliche questions about affiliate marketing answered

Most Frequenlty asked questions

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

1000 years old question. Well in very simple language you can compare it to sales person in real world. When a sales person sell you product they get commission for selling that product. Now translate that to online and you get the answer to your question. In affiliate marketing you basically sell the products of other people and get commission on selling that product. Now most of them are digital products so the commission is quite high compare to selling phycial product.  

What are affiliate networks?

Some companies have their inhouse affiliate marketing platform but a lot of companies provide their affiliate programs through established networks like commission junction. It become easier for them too as they don’t have to deal with lot of things regarding affiliates promoting their product. So you can see affiliate networks like big mall where several companies have their affiliate programs and you can pick any one of them to prmote and start getting commissions.

Do I pay more buying with affiliate link?

Now we are going through the age of digital myths and it is one of them. When you buy from affiliate link or customer buy from your affiliate link there is no such thing like price hike when buying from affiliate link. You or your lead pay the exact amount as they will pay through direct link. On the contrary you might get discount buying from affiliate link.

Can I do affiliate marketing without website?

Yes you definitely can do affiliate marketing without website but things will be much tougher without website as your credibilty will be quite low promting with link shortners or direct affiliate link. If you are serious about affiliate marketing at least spend money on webhosting and domain name.

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