Advertisement Networks

Only the best networks are listed here so you don't have to waste your time and money in filtering.

So why do you need ad networks?

Well to make actually some serious money. Yes no doubt you can make some good amount of money with seo and other free methods. But in the end you will have to go through ad networks because ultimately to scale things up and to become super affiliate you will have to start using ad networks for ultimate growth in your affiliate marketing carrer. Below we have categorized the different kind of networks as one form of traffic might work great on one offer but might fail on other one.

Push Ads

These are ads you see in the notification window of your phone. Can be very cheap and effective but not recommended for a newbie.


Google ads and bing ads are biggest ppc networks. PPC referes to pay per click in which as you can tell you pay for every single click. Recommeded for newbie as you can laser focus your campaigns. The downside is lately they become very expensive and many ppc networks won’t even allow affiliate marketers.

Social Media Ads

Instagram, facebook etc all are social networks. Again you can laser focus your according to person interests. The targeting methods work differently than ppc but like ppc you can create a very focused campaign. Recommended for newbies but same issue as of ppc, has gone expensive and not very affiliate friendly


In PPV you target people using urls. Now this is advance method of targeting and we don’t recommend it to newbies as it coul be overwhelming for newbies. There is good chance of loosing money if you don’t know what you are doing.

Native Ads

Newbies shoul stay at least 1000 miles away from it. First it is the most expensive¬† one and second you won’t loose few dollars here but 1000’s of dollars if not done right. But at the same time this is the place where people scale their campaigns to millions of dollars.

Mobile Ad Networks

In many countries mobile has surpassed even desktop users in terms of internet usage. Now there are lot of networks which specifically expertise in mobile traffic. This could be newbie friendly and also many networks are affiliate friendly too.

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