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Welcome To Legitimate Affiliate Programs List

We have fitered out the best Affiliate programs you can find. So no need to waste your time surfing 1000’s of websites to find the good ones. Doesn’t matter what niche you want to target we covered you for everything related to affiliate programs. Want to join only the best one we filtered then click on the button below.


Someone who is completely new to affiliate marketing. Just heard about it while wasting time on youtube watching cat videos.

You most likely just want to test things but want to make million every month without putting any effort. Most likely will quit affiliate marketing after spending $5. But still if you are one of those rare one’s, well here is things you should concentrate on:

  • Learn about seo and paid ads: Yeah you do need to learn about it. Forget about those $100 per day with no work videos

Resources to learn:

Backlinko Blog (by Brian Dean)

  • Next is get a decent web hosting service and register domain name. Below are the pages to find best domain and web hosting service:

Domain Name Services

Web Hosting Services

  • Stick with one niche you are passionate about. Don’t go overboard with this as you will likely to crash and burn. Install worpress in your web hosting account and don’t try other platforms for your website as it will unnecessary complicate things.,

TOP Affiliate Networks To Join

Commission Junction is one the top and oldest affiliate network you can join. Only downside is most of their programs only allows USA affiliates.

Yes Amazon, if you are completely new to affiliate marketing this might be a surprise to you.Vast majority of your favorite youtibers are amazon affiliates.

Commission Junction is one the top and oldest affiliate network you can join. Only downside is most of their programs only allows USA affiliates.

Another big affiliate network where you can find 100’s affiliate programs to promote. It is around 20 years old so you can for sure believe in their credibility.

LEVEL 2: Newbie

Someone who has taste of affiliate marketing and made some money but unlike stranger you didn’t spend $5 nah you are serious about affiliate marketing so spent $15 before you start considering quiting.

  • There must be some reason why you are still struggling with making money online. One could be you are trying to completely free route. I mean you can go with very low budget but trying to go completely free you are just wasting your time. The least things you have to get is web hosting and domain name. No body is going to buy from that weird subdomain. So at least invest in them to get credibilty while promoting even if you have very low budget. If you are not even willing to invest in that then stick to your dayjob. Here are the links to best domain name and web hsoting service:

Domain Name Service

Web Hosting Service

  • Next is to choose which route you want to go whether it is seo or paid ads.  Now seo might seems free but you do have to spend a lot of time in implementing it. If you are really low on budget then go through seo first and after you start making some money with seo promotion move to paid ads
  • Stick to 1 or 2 niches at maximum. Try the niche which you are passionate about as during promotion you may have to write or have conversation in which your knowledge about the topic means getting your lead or not.

Extra Tip: Try to stick with wordpress as it is very seo friendly and many things are already done for you. Don’t try to experiment with new platforms at this stage.


Someone who is earning decent amount of money  but not enough to stop watching face of boss everyday with dead emotions.

You most likely making enough money but still not that much to quit your job. Its time to scale your campaigns.

First go through Ad networks:

AD Networks

And join new ones and test them which one works and which one doesn’t.

Next broaden the niches you are targeting. Here is the affiliate programs page:

Affiliate Programs

Join programs in at least two new niches. The issue you now are facing is scaling. So get over you fears of losing money as for testing new niches and campaigns unlesss you are extremely lucky you will loose some money at start. Don’t play safe all the time and start taking risks more often. You have reached the stage where there is no doubt about making money online with affiliate programs. Thing you are struggling with is scaling.


Someone who is making decent money with affiliate marketing but is too greedy and trying to find new affiliate programs and ad networks.

Well withoust wasting your time here are the links to ad networks and affiliate programs:

AD Networks

Affiliate Programs

 Extra Tip: Please don’t take this to your ego but if you haven’t already go for Finance affiliate programs as you have money and experience to promote those affiliate programs. Also again not questioning you IQ but if you haven’t try native ads too

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